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With her first novel in 2008, Janna McMahan became a national bestselling author. Hailed as a strong, original voice, her fiction has been called gritty, compelling and heartbreakingly honest. While known for lyrical langauge and complex characters, McMahan’s unexpected plot twists make her prickly domestic dramas read like thrillers.

McMahan’s novels have been chosen as a “Need to Read” selection for Target stores nationwide and a #1 download on Amazon. Her work has also been nominated for the SIBA book award and the Kentucky Literary Award. 

Calling Home

After her husband leaves, Virginia has her hands full trying to keep her life together and her pride intact. When her whip-smart, teenage daughter starts down a reckless path, Virginia sees echoes of herself. She struggles to keep her daughter from making the same tragic mistakes she made in their rural Kentucky town. Calling Home brings to life the dreams, passions and troubles of one Southern town, where choices are few and living the hand you’re dealt is a grace all its own.

“A beautifully wrought novel populated by a vivid cast of characters.”

~Silas House, New York Times bestselling author of Southernmost


She’s not just a random homeless girl. Lorelei is street smart, elusive and a survivor, always on the move to stay a step ahead of the danger from her past. Emily’s a hard-partying bartender in Austin with problems of her own. When their paths cross, Emily realizes her attempts to help Lorelei are putting her new friend in ever increasing peril. Can Emily unravel the mystery of Lorelei’s past and find a way to protect her? Or is Lorelei better off unknown and on her own? Anonymity is a gritty, harrowing account of young people who live life on the edge when all they really want is a safe place to call home.

“Anonymity brings to life the gritty, harsh realities of life on the street for runaways. Though set in Austin, be mindful that this story could be set in your city.”

~Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author of On Ocean Boulevard

The Ocean Inside

Life changes in an instant. One day, Emmett and Lauren’s biggest worries revolve around the escalating taxes on their gorgeous beach house on Pawley’s Island, SC. The next, they’re facing a double crisis as their youngest daughter struggles for life and their teenager drifts away from them down a reckless path that could tear their family apart. The Ocean Inside explores what it means to hope, to love and to fight for what matters most, even against overwhelming odds.

“Beautifully written . . . heartbreakingly honest . . .”

~Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times bestselling author of Becoming Mrs. Lewis